In Retrospect – The secret of the Nagas

“The opposite of love is not hate. Hate is just love gone bad. The actual oppposite of love is apathy. When you don’t care a damn as to what happens to the other person.” 
― Amish Tripathi, The Secret of the Nagas

“Lord Manu had said it’s not people who are evil. True evil exists beyond them. It attracts people. It causes confusion amongst its enemies. But Evil in itself is too big to be confined to to just a few.” ― Amish Tripathi, The Secret of the Nagas

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The second book in this Shiva Trilogy series was an entertaining read as well. The book starts off with Shiva who is now married to Sati, taking off to explore more of the Chandravanshi territory. Along the way he discovers more about the way the Chandravanshis live their life, how the kings run their kingdom, the cursed state of the Brangas and how all of it connects with the nagas. In his quest to find evil, Shiva realizes that all along his journey, his interpretation of evil itself was distorted. 
Amish introduces you to new characters in this book. There are startling revelations, some that have carried over from Book One, some new and some that you probably expected as well. This book is a page turner. It will take you through ancient India with its seven rivers, rugged terrains, long and tedious journeys, adventurous plot and discoveries. Amish also talks about good and evil being sides of the same coin which is in so true, in a such a disturbing way. 
This book is a light read. Some parts are profound nevertheless. I would recommend it if you are looking forward to read a page turner. 

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